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Pure unrefined Shea butter and other ingredients are infused  to make this luxurious skin rejuvenating product.  Shea butter has several healing properties for all kinds of skin disorders.  Your skin will be left  well-conditioned and moisturized all day long.  "Betta wit Butta" will rejuvenate all kinds of dry or dull skin; leaving your skin soft, supple and beautiful.  For Dry skin,  our "Kick Ash" mixture is the choice for those with extra dry, damaged skin.   We have combined unrefined Shea Butter infused with additional essential oils to provide all day protection against dry skin.  With continued use, it will also prevent the return of ashy skin and combat many troubled and problematic skin disorders.  After just one use, you will see an immediate difference in your skin's texture, moisture and softness.  This product is the one of our favorite treatments for dry skin.


Betta wit Butta $22







Kick Ash $24