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             Kama Sutra            

Our aromatherapy infusion of stimulating essential oils in a base of natural healing ingredients, are designed to enhance and arouse your senses and prepare you for a pleasurable, exotic, seductive and romantic experience. For external bliss and passionate, enjoyable love making, try our Kama Sutra Massage oil today!


$18 (10 oz)



                                      Kama Sutra....oh the experience


                                                                              "Love in a bottle"

Each bottle of Kama Sutra oil is blessed with unconditional love and gratitude
and is charged with the Reiki symbols of ChokuRei- left (power of the universe) and Harth-right (never ending love, truth, compassion, beauty, balance & harmony).


How to use our product

Massage all over body--rubbing in a circular motion. Wait 10-15 minutes to allow the essential oils to do their job with warming the body. Continue massaging & enjoy a relaxing and pleasurable experience.