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Satin Soaps
"The Ultimate Natural Soap"




Our Satin Soaps are naturally based with pure Olive Oil. They are designed to give you a gentle cleaning with a silky, satiny, smooth and moisturized finish. For best results, be sure to moisturize immediately after all baths and exfoliation. Use our Soft-Natural Moisturizing line for best results. When bathing or exfoliating you are stripping away moisture and you must replenish it with a good moisturizer.  For longevity of all your natural soaps, be sure to place your soap in a soap dish that drains as opposed to allowing it to sit in a puddle of water in your shower and/or bath tub.  This will prevent your soap from getting soft and mushy. 



 Ansie & Herbal Confetti               A perfect slice of earth                    Chocolate, Honey Treat               
(Anise, Cedar, Rosemary,Sage)     (Eucalyptus, Spearmint, Frankincense)        (Chocolate, Honey, Oatmeal)



 Sorry- this tiem is out of stock until July 15th!