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The skin of the feet have no oil glands and must rely on the sweat glands to moisturize the skin.  The lack of oil glands makes preventing dry skin difficult, but if we had oil glands on our feet, we would slip and slide with each step we took  The most effective way to treat dry skin is to exfoliate or remove the dead skin present and moisturize with a deep hydrating product that penetrates down to the deepest layer of skin.  Our "Foot Fetish" treatment will help you to achieve soft, smooth and well conditioned, healthy skin to your feet, heels and calves. 


Methods and Information


Foot Fetish Foot Care




by Princetta's Beauty Secrets

Note: Diabetics and those with High Blood Pressure, should consult a Physician before using this recipe.

Things you need to get started:

1. Dry clean towels
2. Basin with warm water (not hot)
3. Clean cotton socks
4. "Foot Fetish" kit


1 Mix in your basin of warm water 1/4 cup the foot soak mixture. Swish the mixture around in the water to incorporate.

2. Using the coarse file, remove as much of the visible dead skin as possible on both feet. (This may sound strange, but do this before soaking or washing your feet. You want to take off as much of the dead skin as possible and this remedy gets plenty of it off).

3. Place your feet in the warm warm/soak mixture and soak for 15-20 minutes.

4. Dry your feet thoroughly. Take one piece of the lemon for each foot and rub vigorously all over-- paying more attention to the dry or rough areas. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER cut into your feet to remove dead skin! When this is done, the skin will develop a hard layer that resembles a callous, it damages the skin and is therefore extremely hard to heal.

5. Place your feet back into the warm water. Place the other two pieces of lemon in the water and soak again for 10-15 minutes.

6. Before removing your feet, saturate your entire calves with water. Scoop up a generous amount the "  Essential Salts Foot Scrub"   into your hands and scrub vigorously in a circular motion starting at your feet and working up to the calf. Pay more attention to the heels and rough areas. Rinse thoroughly when complete.

7. Pat dry your feet. Feet should not be damp. They should be dried completely!  If skin still has some buildup of dead layers, use the file to remove as much as possible.  More treatment will be necessary to correct the issue if you have neglected your feet for a period of time.  The deep conditioning from our intense moisturizera will eventually exfoliate all the calcification and buildup.  Regular  maintenance and special attention will be necessary to keep your feet looking and feeling good.  After you have removed most of the dry skin, take a clump of the “Kick Ash” Shea Butter and massage into your feet well. Pay close attention to the balls of your feet and the heels. Massage up to your calves to provide the proper circulation for natural moisture. Rub in well. Using the heavy deep penetrating foot oil, massage a small amount into rough areas (calluses, heels and the ball of your feet).  After the moisturizer has soaked into your skin, put on clean cotton socks. Your skin should feel very soft and smooth to the touch.

***To continue to have soft, conditioned feet, never walk on any surface, including carpet, without something on your feet! The fibers in carpet actually dry your skin. Repeat this process, once a week, but use the coarse file to touch up reappearing dead skin and deep penetrating foot oil   followed by the "Kick Ash" regularly to maintain. Depending on the condition of your feet, it may take a few treatments before you see a dramatic change.

***Continuous exfoliation & moisturizing will help with healing your feet permanently. The same applies to the rest of your body. You must exfoliate the dead skin FIRST, then use our great moisturizers to replenish.












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